Merry Christmas!!!

Good afternoon!!!

As a good detective does, we have to rest so for that we decided to spend the last class before Christmas making some beautiful trees.


Sarah, do you like them? We hope so!

And detectives, have a rest during these two weeks because after Christmas we are doing more exiting activities!

A very merry Christmas and a happy new year!



4th Activity: Make a description

Gooood morning detectives!!!

How are you doing? Have you practiced enough with the LINKs from the 3rd Activity?

I have been told that you get really bored at weekends so I will give you a little exercise.

You have to take a sheet and there you have to describe a person you appreciate. It can be a friend, your brother/sister, a teacher...

Do not get long and take it easy! It is enough with about 10 lines.

And of course, do not forget to bring it for the next class with Jon!!! 



3rd Activity: DESCRIPTIONS


First of all, thank you for writing me your answers; congratulations, you really know how to decode a coded message!

However, there are some mistakes on your comments which have to be corrected.

For example:

·          To talk about hobbies, you can use these kind of sentence:
o      “I like playing football”
o      “I like going out with my friends”
o      “My hobby is reading”
o      “Her hobbies are playing handball and drawing”
·          If you do not know a word in English, you can check it out on the Internet. Just find a dictionary!

Is that clear? Alright, so let’s continue to the third activity:

As a detective, we need to know how we have to describe people, because when we are looking for a suspect, we have to be able to describe them. So for that, here you are some links to work on different aspects of the description.
Try to do as many exercises as possible! The more you do, the more effective detective you are!

Link 2 (Not  the wordsearch)

Link 3 (Not the video)

That is all for today, if you want, you can keep training at home!

Best regards,



Ready to work?


...::: Steps to work on the exercises :::...
1- Choose your class
2- Choose your detective agency
3- Read the instructions
4- Write a comment with the answer

How to write a comment?
1- Choose the option comment as: NAME/URL
2- Write just your name and click on continue
3- Enter your comment...
4- When the comment is ready, click on "Publish"