4th Activity: Make a description

Gooood morning detectives!!!

How are you doing? Have you practiced enough with the LINKs from the 3rd Activity?

I have been told that you get really bored at weekends so I will give you a little exercise.

You have to take a sheet and there you have to describe a person you appreciate. It can be a friend, your brother/sister, a teacher...

Do not get long and take it easy! It is enough with about 10 lines.

And of course, do not forget to bring it for the next class with Jon!!! 



  1. Hello.
    I´m Eneko.
    I´m soltero.
    I life in Zarautz.
    My hobbies are swim , ride a bike and the muisic
    I´m studi in the ikastola of Zarautz.My oficial tiecher is Joxean and tiecher of inglesh is Maite and John.
    My faiborite asignature is the matematiks.
    My fauborite cantant are Eminem , Wiz Khalifa ,Pitbull , Ke$ha and DJ Pauly D.
    My fauborite music are don´t stop the party , black and yellow , noght of my life , berzek and timber.

  2. Hello in Martín And y doing my sister descripción

  3. Hello I'm Martín And y doing aitor's descripción
    Aitor hobbies are play foobol play computer games

  4. Hello, I´m Aiora and doing Ainara´s description.
    Is higth and she´s hobby is draw a pictures.Is beautiful.
    She like play handball and is very good playing handball.
    She has brown or green eyes and small nose and normal ears.
    Ainara has brawn hair and it has very nice.

  5. I`m Aitor and doing Hodei´s description.
    He has brown and black hair.
    He like footbal and usually,is side in left or rigth.
    He like´s music´s are: timber,nigth of my life,black and yellow...
    Her hobbies are footbal and bodyboard.
    He favorite asignature is phisical education.
    He life in Zarautz.
    He favorite cantant are Pitbull,Kesha,Wiz Khalifa...